Inspired by living adventurously and all things creative, eb&ive is an Australian label that was founded by two friends, Nicky Morgan and Julie Mckie.

Crafting unique jewelry as a hobby, the girls began designing original pieces, selling them locally at an affordable price point. Over the years, the vision evolved and the small business grew into a universal brand. Dedicated to ethical practice, Nicky and her team maintain the passion and integrity of the business that they started in 2008.

Now known for its sophisticated design and high-quality products, eb&ive curates a beautiful range of apparel and accessories, along with a selection of homewares. Created for your modern woman, each item embraces a casual, ready to wear feel that is suitable for all occasions. Nothing short of your ‘must-have staple pieces’ and ‘go-to basics,’ eb&ive embraces simplicity with an edge, accentuating the female spirit and highlighting your confidence.

Encouraging creativity in an effortless way – Forever exploring, forever our style.

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