Ethics & Environment

Ipanema footwear is manufactured in Brazil - home of the Amazon, one of the world’s most important natural environments. It’s a source of pride for the Brazilian people, and is a habitat that we are fanatical about protecting.

Ipanema is a leader in socially responsible and sustainable manufacturing. Unlike many other manufacturers of footwear, Ipanema products are 100% recyclable and do not use any rubber from our rainforests. This dramatically reduces our waste, and enables us to recycle 99% of our waste products.

Ipanema workplaces are integrated into the communities based around our factories in northern Brazil. Employees - and their families - enjoy health and dental care benefits, professional growth and personal development.

All employees are protected by the ILO Conventions which Brazil has adopted, which prevent child labour and are anti-slavery, amongst other workers rights. There are seminars and lectures provided to our coveted workforce, covering topics such as healthy lifestyles and family planning.

The production units are built to cater for those with disabilities and improve and develop employees performance.

The factories which bring you Ipanema are ahead of the curve in recycling, having developed manufacturing processes that re-use:

• 99% of industrial waste

• Water used in production

• PVC production material

• Painting residues

Ipanema are constantly striving to find new ways to minimise their impact on their environment.

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